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Business Email Protection

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Advanced Email Protection

Real-time scanning

The biggest threat to digital security is human error, maybe clicking on an infected link or falling victim to a phishing scam. With advanced email protection, links are checked in real time as they're clicked, and won't allow a compromised link to open. Attachments are opened in a secure sandbox environment, and if they are deemed harmful are quarantined and deleted - giving staff and business owners alike peace of mind that the potential for human error when it comes to introducing threats to the network is minimised.
advanced email protection (WM)

Powerful anti-spam

Barracuda Essentials is a powerful security tool which protects your email by blocking harmful and unwanted messages. It is constantly adapting to new and persistent threats which means you are always protected, and it cleverly remembers your preferences for what is and isn't junk.

You can also whitelist individual emails, or senders from your Barracuda message log, to ensure you don't miss out on useful emails, whilst filtering out the noise.


Email Encryption

91% of cyber attacks start with an email.*

Encryption is key for making the contents of an email private. The email you type is converted into scrambled cipher text and only the intended recipient can read your email. Someone who is trying to access it via other means will, will only see jumbled cipher text.

Email encryption keeps sensitive data such as financial information, employee data, and other information which could cause harm if leaving your organization. It's possible for users to choose when to encrypt an email, but it is also possible to automatically encrypt or block emails if they contain potentially sensitive content, or are to a recipient you do not wish to be emailed from your organisation.