The Prodigy Cake

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We do things a little bit differently.

IT is often seen as a series of separate services, which are all necessary in their own right for running a business. 

We offer a menu of high quality IT ingredients which when combined create a delicious cake with our friendly team and highly-recommended customer service are the icing and the cherry on top!

Every business is unique with its own needs, but as an example: with an assigned engineer (Support) remotely monitoring your data storage (the Cloud), VoIP telephone system (Communications), disaster recovery system (Managed Backups), and PCs (Managed Hardware), they'll pick up on most issues before you've even noticed them using advanced reporting tools to prevent downtime before it starts. 

Combined with a Technical Account Manager helping you become Cyber Essentials Certified and then regularly auditing your security systems and practices (Managed Security) you can be completely confident in the smooth running of your IT and security system.

You can have your cake, and eat IT!

The Layers

IT Support

We spend the time proactively looking after your company's systems and setup, without you incurring hours and hours of call out fees.

The Cloud

Cloud technology is a powerful tool for storing files and software, as well as ensuring seamless collaboration across your business.


What tools do you need, for effective communication across your organisation? An expert phone system? Managed Emails? We can help facilitate that.

Managed Security

Build consumer trust by becoming Cyber Essentials certified, and keep your business protected against up-to-date digital threats.

Managed Backups

No-one likes to think they'll be subject to an emergency, but if the worst does happen, downtime costs money. We can create and implement a bespoke 'just in case' plan giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Managed Hardware

We set up the hardware, manage the security, manage the updates, repair or replace (whichever's quickest) and provide automatic replacements after five years. All for no set-up costs and a competitive monthly fee.

IT Support

Support agreements with us mean an assigned engineer, proactive support, and quality advice. Your engineer will get to know you, your business, and your IT setups, which allows us to provide a bespoke and personal IT service for a fixed monthly cost.

Answering phone
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The Cloud

With low, or even zero, initial costs and the ability to expand or contract to suit your business requirements, cloud-based servers could be the solution for you.

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Communication is key, and that's why it has an entire layer of our cake to itself. We provide a fully managed VoIP package with no up-front costs, to allow small-medium sized businesses to compete on a bigger stage. 

Combine email, contacts, calendars and tasks and synchronise them seamlessly across all of your devices using increased security cloud technology, and use the powerful real-time scanning capabilities of our Advanced Email Protection to increase the safety of your inbox.

Managed Emails
Managed VoIP

Managed Backups

Give yourself peace of mind and plan for the worst! With our disaster recovery backups you'll be all set for an entire system restore at the drop of a hat.

Disaster recovery
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Managed Hardware

Keep hardware up to date, repaired or replaced ASAP if it breaks, have updates managed remotely and have equipment automatically replaced after five years.

Visit our Managed Hardware page to watch our 'explained in one-minute' video and find out even more benefits!

Managed Hardware
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We put business first. If reading about what we offer has given you food for thought, why not sit down and discuss what you're looking to achieve with one of our experienced business IT experts? You can book a phone call with Ryan directly using the link below, or if you'd like a face-to-face meeting just let us know via our contact us page. 

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