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Why choose Prodigy IT as your VoIP provider?

Aug 15, 2018

We know and sympathise with the fact that a telephone system is vital for both engaging with customers, and ensuring top-notch communication within your team. Implementing such a thing however, can become quite expensive and require an eye-watering amount of investment. We're passionate about helping businesses meet their goals and growth targets by getting the most out of their IT, and the way we’ve designed our VoIP telephone offering is with this in mind.

There are lots of benefits to a VoIP agreement with us including:

Easy communication across multiple branches

You can easily make and transfer calls to other handsets within your phone system, even if they are in another location! You can also make use of powerful business grade conference call features, to make sure members of the team are on the same page, even if they aren’t in the same building. Voicemails can be set up to be sent to your email address, where you can play them directly from your inbox – the perfect feature if you find yourself always on the go.

The ability to implement flexible working

The world is your office! Receive and make calls from home, or another location, as easy as if you were sat at your desk. Being able to redirect calls to any number means you can take business calls using your mobile, and benefit from colleagues being able to hot desk.

We fully set up and manage your phone system to your requirements

The setup of your phone system is included in your monthly payment, so you won’t be hit with any hefty surprise charges for labour. We design and implement a perfect-fit phone system for you, without you having to lift a finger.

All Inclusive

The way we do things is slightly different to most. Our VoIP packages are all-inclusive, which means you pay per user per month, but receive your handsets completely free. Setup is also included in your monthly price, so if you’re looking to implement a great VoIP system, there’s no eye-watering initial investment.

As well as this, if you’d like to add a new user within your first 12 months with us, their handset is completely free, and we’ll just add them to your monthly payments – no fuss.

If you’d like to know more about what we can offer you in terms of VoIP telephone systems, please get click on the Learn More button below, fill in our short form, and a member of the team will be in touch with you to discuss what you’re looking for.


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