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How to fit more hours in a work day (it's possible!)

Sep 18, 2018

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'Not enough hours in the day' is one of the most common lighthearted responses we all give/ are given when things are really busy. Underlying the lightheartedness, is the truth that there's often too much to do and not enough time to do it in, resulting in feeling stressed, and like we're being pulled in too many different directions.

If you already feel like your to-do list is never ending and your time is being demanded by lots of different people whether they be customers or colleagues, then what we're about to suggest might seem like a bit of a weird suggestion, but how about more communication?

Smarter working

One of the main benefits of VoIP telephone systems is that you can be contactable anywhere - whether you're taking your physical handset to plug in at home, using your PC to make and receive calls using the speakers and microphone, or you have your calls redirected to your mobile. This on its own doesn't sound great, if you're not sure you want people to have more opportunity to contact you.

However, the real magic is in the vast array of features which allow you to stay connected when you need to be, and manage your communication efficiently when you're unavailable. 

Save time with effective communication management

There are two features which really set VoIP apart from its more traditional counterparts. Call Twinning and Auto Divert make it incredibly easy to have calls redirected to mobiles. Unable to take the call? VoIP's Voicemail to Email feature means you can listen to voicemails straight from your inbox.

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Other VoIP features

Ad Hoc Conference - If you're on a call and need another team menu to join you, you can add them seamlessly.

Call Transfer - Transfer calls to any internal or external number including mobiles, reducing customers' wait time, and ensuring smooth communication

Do Not Disturb - Show when you're unavailable

Busy Lamp Keys - See when your colleagues are free

Company Directory - Add speed dials for your favourite numbers, available from the handset

Auto Failover - With modern internet improving all of the time, failures are becoming more and more uncommon. With downtime being costly to businesses though, it's important to have a solution in place 'just in case'. You can choose to have phones automatically divert to mobiles in the event of an internet failure. 

With all of these features and so much more, it's possible to organise and streamline your communication to make it work for your work day, giving you more time for the never ending to-do list! 

If you'd like to know more about the other features and benefits of VoIP, download our FREE guide The Small Business Guide to VoIP: A complete communications service for your business

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 Download: small business guide to Voip

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