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Increase job satisfaction through technology

Dec 21, 2018

The benefits of a flexible working culture in the workplace are undeniable. According to a report published by Lancaster University, 44% of mobile workers say the flexibility allows them to get more done, and 42% say it makes them feel more trusted.

With the right implementation, flexible working can benefit employees and businesses alike. Organisations who have adopted flexible working such as BT, have seen an increase in productivity and a reduction in staff turnover.

How can technology improve work-life balance?

Being able to communicate with colleagues on any device, in any location affords workers the ultimate flexibility. Whether it's being able to pick their kids up from school, attend a fitness class, or volunteer their time with a local organisation during a weekday, these things may seem small when measured against the organisation as a whole, but to an employee it can be the difference between experiencing burnout and achieving a happy work-life balance.

Communication, communication, communication!

Working flexibly doesn't have to mean being disconnected.

With VoIP phone systems able to work anywhere there's an internet connection, the ability to connect to the office remotely and access important files and documents, and with platforms such as Hosted Exchange meaning synchronised calendars and easily manageable emails, team members can have everything they need to carry out their job roles, without experiencing frustration and delay.

Leading the culture change

As brilliant as technology is in facilitating flexible working, it's the shift in culture which is more likely to help make flexible working a success. If staff feel trusted to utilise their time as they please, as long as they fulfill all that is required of them by the end of the day, the implementation of flexible working is likely to become a roaring success!

If you would like to know more about how technology can support different kinds of flexible working to suit individual needs, please get in touch with us or download our Flexible Working guide and learn much more about features of some of the technologies which we think are imperative to successful flexible working.

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