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The benefits of designated support engineers

Jan 16, 2019

As part of our managed support offering, one of the unique benefits is that we assign our customers their very own engineer.

There are many benefits to having a designated engineer, and we just wanted to have a look at a few:

Getting to know you

Having a consistent point of contact means that you and your colleagues can build a relationship and a rapport with your engineer. Do you prefer to be contacted by phone? Do you have a persistent problem? Your engineer will notice these things and action them. Having your support issue dealt with by a different engineer each time doesn't allow for so much of a personalised service. 

It also allows our engineers to become familiar with your systems and setup. As the IT needs of every business are unique, this is vital to what we do. It allows the engineers to make informed recommendations, to know where to look for fixes when issues occur, and even to pass on information to an onsite engineer if they need guidance. 

How does it work?

Our engineers have a dedicated support line, which our support customers use in order to get in touch with their engineers. (You can also log support tickets via email). There's no lengthy phone menu either, you just call the number and select the number option of the engineer you would like to speak to.

Find out more about our managed IT support service >>

If your engineer is unavailable, you have the option to leave a message on their phone, or if it's an emergency you can remain on the line and speak to someone else on our help desk.

Assigned Engineers Diagram (WM)

We also respond to 100% of emergencies within a guaranteed response time - having a designated engineer means your support tickets go straight to your engineer without waiting for a member of the admin team to log it and assign it for you.

Meet the engineers


From left to right, we have Chris, Kyle, and Jordan who are currently on the remote help desk. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable, they're all also very good at explaining things without being patronising. [Editor's note: I know this firsthand, because I ask them a lot of questions!]. Visit our team page to learn more about them.  

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