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5 ways to reduce your small business phone bill with VoIP

Jul 17, 2018


How often have you heard the phrase ‘communication is key’? We all know that a phone system is a business necessity and traditionally, it’s earned its reputation as a costly one with a high initial expenditure on difficult-to-maintain hardware becoming an uncomfortable but accepted expense. But what if there was a way to have your communications cake and eat it too?

There is with VoIP.

  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Pay less for phone calls
  • Expand your business without eye-watering bills
  • Always have the most up-to-date software
  • Save time! 

What is VoIP and how does it work?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a cloud-based telephony system which works by converting analogue calls into packets of data. These packets travel via the internet just like any other type of data, like email, for example.

To find out more about VoIP, download our guide: The Small Business Guide to VoIP

Reduced hardware costs

Imagine being able to implement a business-telephone system with powerful features to increase productivity and save time in all areas of your organisation at a fraction of the cost you’d be expecting. We offer free hardware on our VoIP packages, which is great for expanding businesses trying to make the most of their budgets.

Not all VoIP providers are equal in this regard. Whilst some offer discounted or even free hardware like we do, others still charge a large fee for initial hardware. Like anything, if you’re thinking about integrating VoIP into your business, it’s worth talking to different companies and find out what they offer.

Low cost phone calls

With the bundle deals most VoIP providers offer, you can save large sums on standard calls. As an example, we charge a monthly fee which includes a vast number of calls to UK landlines and mobiles, as well as competitive value on international calls.

Cost-effective expansion

The expansion of your business is likely to present the need for more lines and handsets to be added to your network. Ordinarily, installing extra phone lines and paying the associated line rental can become stressful and eye-wateringly expensive. By using a VoIP phone system utilising the cloud, you can add a user in less time and for a much smaller cost.

Software upgrades

Making any kind of change to legacy phone systems takes time, and can be expensive, which often means businesses find themselves using an outdated system shortly after it’s been installed. With a VoIP system, your provider can easily roll out updates, so you’re never behind!

Increased productivity

VoIP also provides advanced communication capabilities including conference calling, and auto-attendant ‘press 4 for sales’ answering systems. Previously, small businesses would have been priced out of using features like this, but with VoIP that’s no longer the case. Employees can make use of these advanced communication features day-to-day, saving them time and you money.

If you’d like to know more about how VoIP can help small businesses, download our free guide: The Small Business’ Guide to VoIP: A complete communications service for your business.

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Download: small business guide to Voip

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