Outdated IT equipment can be costly to a small-midsized organisation. It can lead to lower rates of productivity due to slow machines, lower revenue as a result of reduced productivity, and the potential for lost data.

Managed hardware is similar to leasing hardware equipment like servers or desktop computers which your business would likely have to purchase at considerable expense. However, as well as the equipment itself you also get a maintenance contract alongside it which can alleviate lots of headaches and provide big benefits.

It doesn't just include PCs. We can provide laptops, servers, broadband and networking equipment, printers, scanners, backup devices, external hard drives, and much more! 


  • Your hardware is always up to date
  • It can be quickly repaired or replaced if there's an issue
  • Windows updates are managed – you’ll never have to wait for       updates in the middle of the work day again!
  • In the event of a device being lost or stolen, we can wipe it remotely at your request
  • Automatic replacement after 5 years
  • And all of this for no upfront costs!

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