What is the Cloud?

The cloud’ is just a short name for ‘cloud
computing’ which is a term referring to the idea of using someone else’s computers over
the internet for things like storing data and running programs rather than saving them
locally on your PC or laptop

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The Cloud is Everywhere

Cloud applications usually run on a network of powerful internet-connected computers spread across the globe. All you really need to know, is that all you need in order to access the cloud is an internet-connected device. 

More and more applications are using it

It’s likely that you’re already using cloud-based applications on a daily basis without even realising it. BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Microsoft Office, or storage applications such as Dropbox are all cloud-based applications which don’t rely on lots of local space for storage.

It’s powerful

Running desktop versions of multiple programs requires more space and power, creating the need for a higher spec device in order to run everything you need whilst simultaneously maintaining performance levels. By using cloud versions of things like Microsoft Office, accounting software or any of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, your device doesn’t need to be as high spec as it would running them all locally.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

With so many options when it comes to data storage, we know it can become overwhelming when you're looking to decide which option might be best for your business, but more and more businesses are utilising cloud technology, for very good reason.

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Reasons to trust cloud security

Data centres are heavily resourced

The security measures in place at data centres will be far greater than those of a private server. Just because it’s local, doesn’t mean that it’s safe. 

Who uses cloud storage?

A recent poll stated that 86% of companies globally use multiple cloud storage system, and this number continues to rise. This shows that the vast majority of companies trust cloud storage in a way that’s meaningful to their business. 


The front line of defence for any cloud system is encryption. This essentially means that data is scrambled using complex algorithms, and if it were to be stolen (highly unlikely, given the physical security measures usually employed at data centers) then the hacker would need an encryption key in order to gain access to your data.

You’re spoilt for choice

Although you might be limited to cloud providers whose practices comply with EU GDPR legislation, you’re still spoilt for choice in terms of providers. This means you can ask questions, research any past data breaches, and choose the right provider who holds the security of your data to the highest importance. 

IT Support Poole VoIP Telephone Systems Dorset Managed Hardware Leasing Hire

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