Cloud Disaster Recovery Backup

A cloud disaster recovery backup allows for an entire server restore including operating system, software, settings, and data.

Key features include: 

  • Automatic Backups
  • Flexible Monthly Contracts
  • Full Restore of Entire Server
  • High Level Security with 256 bit Encryption
  • All UK based
  • Automatic offsite backups
  • Easily adjust required space
  • Flexible monthly contract

Traditional vs Disaster Recovery backup

Traditional vs Disaster Recovery backup (WM)

Continuous Backups

Continuous Backup protection (WM)

Our continuous backup solution will automatically backup all of your critical data every time a change is made. In addition, if the system becomes infected with a virus or Trojan, or if a file becomes mutilated or corrupted and the problem is not discovered until some time later, it is always possible to recover the most recent clean copy of the affected file. 

Our online backup solution will automatically backup all your critical data to our secure server based in Bournemouth. This eliminates the need for users to change tapes/ drives and covers against failure, fire, flood, and theft.

Cloud File Backups


It is possible to only have your files backed up to the cloud. We don't always recommend this however, because in the event of an emergency, all of your software and settings will need to be reinstalled manually and this can lead to a significant amount of downtime. 

Downtime can be vastly reduced using the cloud disaster recovery backup mentioned above, as it backs up everything and can therefore it is much quicker to restore.

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