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by Katie, on 30-Nov-2018 12:04:00

Managed hardware is sometimes called Hardware as a Service (HaaS), and it’s a really great service for businesses, especially small-midsized organisations, who are looking to make the most of their IT. You might think that ‘Hardware’ just means things like PCs and Laptops, but it can include all sorts like servers, switches, routers, firewalls, Wi-Fi access points and so much more!

With managed hardware you can:

  • Reduce capital expense
  • Improve scalability
  • Better security
  • Regular maintenance
  • Always have up-to-date hardware

Reduce capital expense

There are quite a few different ways IT companies (also known as managed service providers) might go about charging for managed services, however, it nearly always involves being financed by a monthly contract. This alleviates a huge expenditure often invested in new equipment which depreciates a little in value every time it is switched on, and instead becomes a more manageable monthly operating expense. Not only does this help cash flow, it removes the unpredictability of replacement and upkeep by becoming easy to budget for.

There are a whole host of other benefits, aside from the reduction in cost.

Improved scalability

As your organisation grows and changes, you’ll need technology that’s able to adapt and keep up. Managed Hardware supports this, allowing you to add any number of new devices without the associated costs, depending on your business needs.

Better security

Having someone proactively managing your hardware, means that any security updates – including software updates which contain security patches – will be carried out for you too, so you know that any vulnerabilities will be addressed before they cause your organisation problems!

Regular maintenance

When new hardware is purchased, it’s often neglected due to ongoing costs, causing eventual running issues and grumpy staff. If you use managed hardware, your MSP will follow maintenance best practices, keeping everything up to date. Updates are also considered before being applied, which means you also won’t be stuck using updates which appear to break more than they fix!

Always have up-to-date hardware

Moore’s law talks about the speedy advancement of technology, stating that computer chip processing power doubles yearly. With this in mind, Managed Hardware is an excellent way to make sure your business keeps up with the technology it needs to thrive, without the headache of a large expenditure every 3-5 years.

To learn more about Managed Services and the benefits they present, download our FREE comprehensive guide: Everything you need to know about managed services.

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