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by Katie, on 11-Oct-2018 13:57:00

Make sure you have important information backed up We may have already mentioned this once or twice, but back up, back up, BACK UP. There are so many things which …

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by Katie, on 05-Oct-2018 16:36:42

We're really lucky to have had Andy Knight joining us at the beginning of October, as Technical Manager. And we're even luckier that he found time to answer some of …

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by Katie, on 25-Sep-2018 16:46:57

We've all experienced the very real sinking feeling of thinking we've lost an important file. Whether that be a Microsoft Word document which for some reason hasn't saved properly, precious …

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Topics:data recoverybackups

by Katie, on 18-Sep-2018 15:40:14

'Not enough hours in the day' is one of the most common lighthearted responses we all give/ are given when things are really busy. Underlying the lightheartedness, is the truth …

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Topics:VoIP Telephone SystemsIT Support

by Katie, on 14-Sep-2018 16:24:10

Before Prodigy, Sam worked for another Managed Service Provider in Yeovil and joins us as Technical Account Manager. He'll be making sure all of our customers are happy with the …

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Topics:IT Careers DorsetProdigy IT Solutions

by Katie, on 11-Sep-2018 12:20:41

It happens. You’re just trying to do something really important, payroll, finish creating a presentation before a tight deadline, and then something goes wrong creating a desperate need for IT …

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by Katie, on 31-Aug-2018 09:30:00

Back in July, our team grew by another member! We’re lucky to have been joined by Hayley who is a brilliant addition to our team as Service Delivery Manager. Before …

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Topics:IT Jobs DorsetProdigy IT Solutions

by Katie, on 22-Aug-2018 14:38:36

With so many options when it comes to data storage, we know it can become overwhelming when you’re looking to decide which option might be best for your business whilst …

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Topics:Managed ServicesThe cloudLocal ServerServers

by Katie, on 15-Aug-2018 16:03:07

One of the things that's really important to us, is customer feedback. All customer feedback though, not just the praise (although that's always very lovely!). We spent a long time …

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Topics:Prodigy IT Solutions

by Katie, on 15-Aug-2018 13:59:38

We know and sympathise with the fact that a telephone system is vital for both engaging with customers, and ensuring top-notch communication within your team. Implementing such a thing however, …

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Topics:VoIP Telephone Systems